Let There Be Light is a catalytic weekend at UC San Diego to encounter the supernatural, be equipped to demonstrate the Kingdom on your campus, in the marketplace, and to the nations. It’s also about merging relationships of like-minded leaders who have a vision to see Kingdom advancement and sustained revival for universities, colleges and among youth/young adults.

The universities are the steering wheel of our nation. So goes the campus, so goes the nation. Want to know what the nation will look like in 15 years? Walk on a university today.  They are not going to simply participate in the world upon graduation; they are going to change it. The question isn’t if, it’s who will influence them first. There needs to be another movement on the college campuses. Every spiritual awakening has begun with young adults who believe, step up and step out. It is time to shape the future history of our nation and the world. What better place to see Kingdom movement than the secular college campuses. We are not grappling for revival, Jesus is in us and revival is Jesus being revealed. This is about awakening all that Jesus has done and put in us to be released upon our world. We are gathering around the finished work of Christ, the supernatural mandate on our lives, and the vision of the advancing Kingdom of God.

This is a call to students, youth, and young adults in the Southern California region and beyond. A call to a unified and Spirit empowered vision: the transformation of campuses, cities, and nations. All are welcome to attend.

Let There Be Light is hosted by Origins (, which is a ministry based at UCSD. This conference is open to anyone and is free of charge. 

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